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Community Cloud Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting for Personal and Community Organisations throughout Australia

Fast, Reliable and Free Cloud Web Hosting

Exigent Australia provides a free cloud web hosting service that our local communities, not-for-profit groups, charities and organisations need to create their online presence.

As part of the eligibility to be apart of our free cloud web hosting service, the not-for-profit group or charity must be registered with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as a not-for-profit organisation. If you have a local community group or charity group that does not fall under these requirements, please contact our Sales team.

Community Hosting
Per Month

No Annual Fee
No Setup Fee
Disk Space
(RAID10 Disk Configuration)
(Data counted in both directions)
Local Backup Space
(Backup to our local R1Soft Backup Servers)
(MySQL Databases used to store data for dynamic websites)
Parked Domains
(Domains that you can park and point to existing domains)
Add-On Domains
(Domains that you can host inside your account)
(We'll migrate your cPanel account for you)
5 GB
10 GB
Once every day

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FREE Hosting - Terms and Conditions

We have set out the below Terms and Conditions that applies to all FREE hosting services that are provided to a personal, community, not-for-profit group, charity and/or organisation. Our Standard Terms and Conditions will also apply to our Community Cloud Hosting services.

Our FREE service allows only one account per person, community, group, charity and/or organisation.
There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) on any of our FREE services. We monitor our servers but cannot guarantee a 100% uptime as our technicians will endeavour to resolve any incidents as quickly as possible.
We do not provide any technical support for our FREE services. Any request that is raised through our technical support queues will result in a smart-hands fee.
We will complete a daily backup of all data that is hosted on our servers but we cannot restore any data unless a smart-hands fee is purchased.
If found to be sending a large amount of emails from any of our servers, this will result in the service being terminated as this will be classified as sending our SPAM.
Content hosted on the website must be seen to be clean, respectable and legal. Any content (e.g. sexual, morally distasteful, copyrighted, slanderous, defamatory or questionable content) will result in the service being terminated.
If the website is found to be business related or a website that makes money, it will asked that you upgrade to a Business Cloud Hosting plan.
We do not require or ask for any banners or advertisements to be placed on to your website in return for our FREE Community Cloud Hosting service.

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Support Team
+61 (0)7 3018 7566
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Available 24 hours, 7 days by Support Tickets
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